With Clubs Closed for COVID-19, Strippers in Portland, Oregon, Take to Topless Food Delivery

Now that dancers are out of work, one club in Portland, Oregon, figured out a solution: have them deliver food topless while wearing surgical masks


When fears of the COVID-19 pandemic first started circulating, Brodie Grody, a stripper in Portland, Oregon, saw her income dwindle to about half of what it usually was. “People were scared,” she says. “They were going out less. They were buying fewer lap dances and sitting at the stage less because they were worried about getting too close to us.”


Then, when Gov. Kate Brown announced last week she would be shutting down all restaurants and bars in Oregon, Grody’s already-dwindling income was “wiped out completely,” she says. “We really needed to step it up and start hustling.”


Grody’s boss, Lucky Devil Lounge owner Shon Boulden, stumbled on a solution. Following Gov. Brown’s edict, Boulden tweeted that though the restaurant/strip-club would have to close, they were working on how to keep their employees working, and he joked that he would provide a service where the dancers would deliver food topless. When customers started asking him if he would deliver to their area, “I was like, ‘Holy shit, this may be something that actually works,’ ” he says. – read more here!





It’s one of those annoying narratives that Wall Street loves to barrel into, the everlasting ‘retesting of the lows’. While stocks are higher today with verve, let’s not forget we are DEPENDING on Congress to pass the stimulus bill and we’re also still locked the fuck down.

Now there are a slew of analysts out today telling us to buy NVDA and banks and how the lockdown will soon end. But I’m not so sure about that, based on the evidence. As such, I bought and sold FAS today, for a +5.4% rip, sold out of my overnight SOXL for +25% and will hold onto all of my gold positions, and more — because of reports that there is a shortage of physical gold in the market place now due to closure of mines.

Today’s spike is representative of the largest spike since 2008. The V-TARDS are out in FULL FORCE, claiming to have inside knowledge on how COVID-19 works and how everyone is going to be rich again and how nothing can stop markets from steaming back to record highs.


Want to make a bet?

The CMBS market is in tatters. Everything is being held together by the Fed’s printing press. The govt is now the caretaker for 350m Americans and industry is stalled at -90% by mandate. This is hardly the time to feel your oats.


STEEL YOURSELVES lads, for the fires burn bright in the not so distant future. Be ready for them making themselves know by charring the Vtards first.


source: https://ibankcoin.com/flyblog/2020/03/24/markets-enjoy-biggest-spike-since-2008-nothing/#sthash.GtgmMLG7.dpbs